Well, That Was Fun!

It seems incredible that the season is over so quickly! Where did summer go?

Kempt Lake Laundry

We’ve cleared and cleaned the place so once again the gallery takes on its winter look, white walls waiting expectantly for a new season’s colour. We’ve even done the laundry!
We’ve left a little intrigue in the window display, if you care to stop and look in. And our wonderful dragon will also be finding winter quarters, so pop along and see him while you can, he’s a magnificent creature.
If you came to the gallery in 2017, or just supported us from afar – thank you!

Two days to go but the results are in

Yes, there are still two days to go until the gallery closes for the season at 5pm on Saturday 23rd. But here’s the news of what our visitors have thought of this year’s art.

Anyone who’s been in our space will know that we encourage everyone to sign the guest book. Not everyone does, of course, but those who do often leave a comment or two.

A count of the favourite words gives this predicted result for 2017:
1. Lovely/Love
2. Beautiful
3. Amazing
4. Wonderful
5. Great
6=. Awesome, Fabulous
8=. Charming, Excellent, Invigorating

If your word for the gallery is not on the list, or maybe you’d like to see Amazing top the chart, then there are two days to come and make a difference! (But please note that the proposed closing party for Friday 22nd will no longer take place).

Need another incentive? How about 10% off everything and 20% off some things? Friday and Saturday, after that it’ll be gone!

You Know It’s The End Of The Season When

Kristen Herrington – a new name in the gallery for 2017

The end of the gallery season is rushing towards us. And we know it’s all too real when the first of our artists comes to collect their remaining artworks. This year it is particularly appropriate that Kristen Herrington will be performing that sad task, as it was she who was first to the gallery back at the end of June.

It’s been thoroughly enjoyable to have Kristen’s work for the summer, it’s brought something extra, something full of exuberance, full of life and energy – a reflection of the artist. And to have found new homes for some of her paintings has been a privilege.

Tuesday 12th September will be your last opportunity to see – or acquire – her work in the gallery, so if you’ve been hesitating, wait no longer!

Fabulous New Glass From Tammy Lewis

Kempt Lake gallery light box with Tammy Lewsi glass art
Tammy Lewis glass art in the gallery light box.

Tammy Lewis never disappoints. Two new pieces delivered to the gallery last week and both are stunning. Fans of her work (and there are many) will be thrilled to see the her latest.

Two more pieces nicely filled out the light box in the gallery, which after a few minor improvements is looking good this season, with whiter light and no more buzzing.

Now the glass art does all the talking. Come and see these beautiful new pieces, as ever the photos do nothing for them. Aglow, in particular, takes the breath away.

Welcome Back Rebekah Wetmore

Detail from The Brother's Cow Idea - Rebekah Wetmore
Detail from The Brother’s Cow Idea

When Rebekah asked “Is it too late?” the answer was easy. It will never be too late to have some of her work in the gallery!

So, last week saw her deliver no less than SIX paintings. Did we have space? We made the space and now they are on show in all their glorious mystery and imagining. Figures caught between one world and another, half forgotten folk tales of transformation and journeys, Rebekah Wetmore’s creations continue to amaze and fascinate.

The photos are ok – the real things are wonderful. Come and see them – before it’s too late.

Irrepressible – the glass art of Tammy Lewis

What better word to describe the super talent that is Tammy Lewis? Her art is in short supply, but the gallery is privileged to have three pieces on display this summer and hopeful of seeing a fourth by the end of August.

Tammy is one artist amongst many at the gallery, where we have beautiful things from a dozen artists.

Big Art, Small Art

It’s tempting to always post about our big art, the kind that needs a space on your wall, or even a whole wall to itself. Yet the gallery has a wonderful range of small art too, never more so than this year.

Julie Anne Babin has some of her delightful enamelled copper work in the gallery (see the pic – as usual, nowhere near as good as the art!), and Kas Stone’s photographic art suits the small spaces as well as the large.

Art of a different kind from Grace Keating, whose hand-made chapbooks offer a selection of her latest short stories, which make  very enjoyable reads and unique gifts.

The gallery is full of beautiful things, and beauty doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, as you’ll see when you drop in for a visit!