Another season beckons . . .

Jaime Dexter’s work from 2015

It’s been a long wait for news but finally the decision has been made – the gallery will open again this year! The date has yet to be fixed but we’re hoping for the week ending July 7th, watch this space and Facebook for details as we get nearer the time. We’re already sure of some artists from previous years with other yet to confirm. There’ll be new work from everyone, plus maybe a few favourites from last year. We haven’t seen any of it yet and we’re very excited at the prospect of sharing it with all our friends and supporters.

Who turned the lights out?

The Joy Of New Shingles
The Joy Of New Shingles

Another season is finished, and how wonderful to continue showing beautiful art to visitors almost to the last moment. A power-outage meant we closed an hour or so earlier than intended.

Will we do it all again in 2017? We hope so, and if the gallery has new faces next year as well as wonderful new work, who could complain? The photo is a reminder of just how far the gallery has come from the leaky, dark and dank place it used to be. It may yet have a long way to go!

To all our supporters and friends – old and new-  thank you for another year. and to our artists thank you for the trust you have always put in Kempt Lake Gallery.

The Season’s end in sight

Beautiful lights from Tom Leger
Beautiful lights from Tom Leger

It seems we have hardly started, yet here comes the end of summer. The gallery will close for the season on 10th October. There are a few gaps on the walls now, but we still have so many beautiful artworks, you won’t be disappointed with the show. Come along to the best little gallery on the #8, we’ll be open every day from now until closing.
(Please note the change to this posting, our season now ends on 10th rather than 11th October)

Superb new work from Tammy Lewis and Jaime Dexter

Tammy Lewis The Star You AreAs if the gallery were not already full of outstanding art, Tammy Lewis and Jaime Dexter have both produced amazing new pieces.

Tammy’s glass, The Star You Are, is spectacular and will instantly appeal to every one of her many enthusiastic followers. It probably won’t stay in the gallery very long.

Jaime has given us two new paintings to show. Release builds on previous images reflecting the magic of the woods, while One Pear, Two Apples shows a new side to her art.


Come to the gallery soon if you want to see these gems before they find their new homes!

(As usual, the photos do no real justice to the art!)

A Great Start!

Kas Stone
Kas Stone

A wonderful opening night, the joy of cool air from our new heat pump, some remarkable art – now with new work from Tammy Lewis following her show in Annapolis Royal – and a lovey write-up from Region of Queens Summer Ambassador Katelyn Mansfield.

Katelyn wrote: It’s a rainy day in ‪#QueensCounty, but the Kempt Lake Gallery will surely brighten your day! This vibrant gem can be found nestled along the Route 8 in Kempt, Nova Scotia. Throughout the summer, the gallery will showcase collections from different Nova Scotia artists. Stop in, admire the artwork, and experience what makes the Route 8 so great!

Thanks, Katelyn. Our only quibble is about the rain – the gallery brightens even the sunniest of days!

The labours of winter

Yellow Moon On The Rise - Tammy Lewis
Yellow Moon On The Rise – Tammy Lewis

We’re delighted to say that Cheryl Stone, Fran Whitelaw, Jaime Dexter, Rebekah Wetmore and Tammy Lewis are now confirmed for the gallery in 2016.

They’ve all been working hard through the winter and spring and we’re looking forward to sharing some of the fruits of their creative labours through the summer.

Opening day is still scheduled for around the 7th or 8th of July. The fun is just beginning! First there’s the annual freshening-up of the gallery, before the art starts to arrive. Then we’ll hang it all. Remember last year? Here’s a reminder.