Countdown to the Holidays

We’re in the home stretch at the gallery after a wonderful 5 months of welcoming visitors to our space. Here’s the official notice about opening dates and times:

We plan to open the gallery on the following days and times. Please contact 902-521-0825 to arrange a visit outside of these times

Friday 29th Nov: Closed

Saturday 30th Nov: 2pm – 6pm

Sunday 1st Dec: 2pm – 5pm

Monday 2nd Dec: 2pm – 5pm

Tuesday 3rd Dec: Closed

Wednesday 4th Dec: Closed

Thursday 5th Dec: Closed

Friday 6th Dec: 2pm – 5pm

Saturday 7th Dec: 2pm – 5pm

Sunday 8th Dec: 2pm – 5pm

Monday 9th Dec: 2pm – 5pm

Tuesday 10th Dec: Closed

Wednesday 11th Dec:  2pm – 5pm

Thursday 12th Dec: 2pm – 5pm

Friday 13th Dec: 2pm – 7pm

Saturday 14th Dec: 10am – 6pm

Sunday 15th Dec: 12noon – 5pm



The gallery will re-open in 2014 on a date yet to be decided. Thank you to all who have enjoyed the space during 2013, we’ve enjoyed welcoming you.

The Final Show of the Year

IMG_3447For many people these images will be immediately recognisable as being from one unique artist. For others their bold, clean, vibrant colours and traditional imagery will be completely new. The work is by Melissa Labrador and we are very lucky to have them all in the gallery for the closing weeks of the year.
As with so many works of art, and certainly many in the gallery for the final show, the finest photography would not do justice to the paintings. They simply need to be seen to be fully appreciated.

Our last few weeks before closing for the winter sees the gallery as full as ever with unique and beautiful things: from the intricate detail of Rick Swain’s meticulous drawings, the smooth perfection of Tom Leger’s lamps, Fran Whitelaw’s dreaming seascapes, Tammy Lewis’s astonishing glass to the highly original Caroline Jaine’s motor art.

Come and see us on Highway #8 in Kempt, between Keji and Caledonia, please see the post regarding opening times. Or send us a message here.

Make that YES x 4

The good news is that Fran Whitelaw has provided not one more piece but three more! They are here in the gallery right now. Two more beautiful watercolours along with a second in her series of paintings based on the Japanese printing technique of Gyotaku. The first was gone in a couple of days, this one is possibly even more stunning – come and see it before it too has found a new home.


As if that were not enough, another artist new to the gallery may be on display within a week: the renowned Melissa Labrador will be visiting in the next day or two and we have high hopes of having three or four pieces in the gallery by the end of the week.

What an great finish to a brilliant few months!

Yes, yes, yes and maybe

Time for an update for all those who have been asking about when we’re closing for the season and a few other things too!

Yes, we will be staying open until December 15th (always allowing for the unexpected or severe weather). Our hours will be a little reduced but we intend to have the open sign out every day at least between 2pm and 5pm. If you call and the door is locked, just ring the bell.

midgetbadge-watermarkAnd yes, we have new work in the gallery this week. We started back in July with Rick Swain’s amazing motor art and it’s fitting that Caroline Jaine rounds out our first year with a totally different approach to similar subjects and provides some stunning images.

ForwardAnd yes, we still have some work by Tammy Lewis in the gallery, although for how long is hard to say. Of the three pieces only two remain available and Tammy is busy preparing new work for another show. It is just possible that we may see a new piece before December but don’t hold your breath.

DiaryAndShelleyCoveMaybe? Maybe Fran Whitelaw, whose work has been very much admired these last few months, will be providing us with one more piece this year. We certainly hope so.

Come and see us on Highway #8, we’re full of nice surprises.