Another First in the Gallery

Brilliant day in the gallery with Ian Sherwood making a music video with the help of Katy Hopkins and Cameron Dexter. It certainly looked good and sounded marvelous – it was a lot of fun too. Which is yet another good thing to have happened in Kempt Lake Gallery this summer.RehearsalTheGalleryPlaysHostIanMakingLoops

Sold Before Listing

Detail from Below by Tammy Lewis

An exciting weekend in the gallery, with the arrival of four of Tammy Lewis’s glass on glass pieces, all intended to be put on show on Monday. By way of experiment one smaller piece was hung unlabelled, unpriced, unanything by one of the side windows. The first hawk-eyed visitor on Sunday saw it, photographed it and then came in and bought it. She had eyes for nothing else – apart from another Tammy Lewis piece!
Welcome to the gallery Tammy.