A great way to close

The Bear Friend Rebekah Wetmore
The Bear Friend – Rebekah Wetmore

Thank you everybody who helped celebrate the 2015 season last week, it was a great way to sign off with all the friends, supporters and artists who dropped in (and those that stayed a lot longer too!) We’ve had a wonderful year and hundreds of visitors have enjoyed the work on display. More than thirty pieces of art have found their way to new homes since we opened in July, and we’ve welcomed guests from Nunavut to Panama and Germany to the Yukon. Let’s see if we can do it all again in 2016!

To close the season a photo of another painting by Rebekah Wetmore, something to carry the imagination through the winter.

Last Seen in Kempt . . .

The end of another great season is fast approaching, but there’s still time to drop in and enjoy some beautiful creations. Did you know we have some amazing work from Cheryl Stone in the form of her Pulp Humour series of papier mache? Or original paintings from Megan Gallant? Tom Leger’s beautiful lamps feel like part of the lighting but they’re works of art on their own. There’s still plenty to choose from, not least exquisite pencil drawings from Kelli Janson.

St Mary's Bay by Kelli Janson
St Mary’s Bay by Kelli Janson

If you can’t make it to the gallery before, then please come and join us on Tuesday 13th October from 4.30 until around 7 when we’ll end the season with a few bubbles, an opportunity to meet one or two artists, and a last chance to enjoy some of their wonderful creativity .