A Day in 3 Minutes

New work from Fran Whitelaw
A taste of new work from Fran Whitelaw

Setting up the gallery to start the season is a longer job that you might think, but it is also great fun. With the help of Katy Hopkins of The Picture House and Tammy Lewis (artist in residence until 10th August!), the day of the final set-up was recorded for all to share. You can view it here and catch a glimpse of some of the wonderful and varied art on show.
Opening hours are a little more variable while Tammy is in charge and she juggles family commitments and work, so please check the times here or on Facebook.

Light Imagined in the Gallery

Tammy Lewis - glass artist
Tammy Lewis – glass artist

Our opening show was a wonderful success, bringing great pleasure to many people, and showing some private pieces to the wider world for the first time. Most have now returned to their owners and many of the new pieces have gone to their new homes too, but so that the moment wasn’t lost forever, The Picture House made a lasting record. Watch it here.

Stars of the Show

Pachamamma by Tammy Lewis
Pachamamma by Tammy Lewis

Lots of visitors to the gallery last Friday, all buzzing with the art on display and enjoying the opportunity to make new friends and catch up with old ones.

Rakkaus by James Woolison
Rakkaus by James Woolison

Plenty to interest everyone with a whole range of different styles and media, but the two that caught most attention were probably predictable – the dragons, Pachamamma and Rakkaus. Rakkaus will be here for a good while yet, but Pachamamma will return to her home in Halifax in a week or so. Come and see her while she’s in the gallery.