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Another season beckons . . .

Jaime Dexter’s work from 2015

It’s been a long wait for news but finally the decision has been made – the gallery will open again this year! The date has yet to be fixed but we’re hoping for the week ending July 7th, watch this space and Facebook for details as we get nearer the time. We’re already sure of some artists from previous years with other yet to confirm. There’ll be new work from everyone, plus maybe a few favourites from last year. We haven’t seen any of it yet and we’re very excited at the prospect of sharing it with all our friends and supporters.


Opening in July


Main Street Kempt
Main Street, Kempt

We’re so pleased to say our lovely gallery will open again in early July, probably around the 7th or 8th. We’re looking forward to the challenge of another season and welcoming our artists and friends to this special space in Kempt.

We’ll have work from some familiar names and with a little luck from some new faces too. Keep in touch as the plans take shape, here and on our Facebook page.

Plans for 2016

Kempt Lake Gallery in winter dress
Kempt Lake Gallery in winter dress

We know you’ve been waiting to hear what’s happening with the gallery this year. Watch this space in the next few days, we hope to have an announcement ready soon.
To all our artists, friends and well-wishers: thank you for your patience.

Artists confirmed, gallery ready

Opening Show at Kempt Lake Gallery
Opening Show at Kempt Lake Gallery

A week until the opening show and our artists are confirmed. Collecting their work has started and will be complete by July 1st, when the joyful task of arranging and hanging will commence. With a big show to start the season, this will be a little more difficult than usual, but a still a great pleasure.
Tammy Lewis and her glass art is the Light Imagined feature on opening day, but there’s also exciting new work from Fran Whitelaw, Rebekah Wetmore, Jaime Dexter, James Woolison, Kas Stone and Becky Jo Gartner.

Come and take a look.

and finally . . .

Original new work from Becky Jo Gartner
Original new work from Becky Jo Gartner
Very much in Melissa Sue Labrador’s style – vibrant and rooted in tradition.

The end of the season is looming, and this year the gallery will be closing before the end of October. But we have one more show to share! And, in the usual way, we’ll do this with a few bubbles and a snack or two – on the 8th October from 5 to 7.30pm.

We’re very pleased to have Melissa Sue Labrador’s work on display – her well-known mix of vibrant colour and the deeply spiritual, together with her own signature style.

And as a new departure for the gallery we have work from  Becky Jo Gartner, currently a student at NSCAD. Her unique mix of fabric and photography – literally woven together – is worth a visit to the gallery on its own.

All friends, neighbours, followers – and of course our artists – are welcome to join us.



Open2After a thoroughly enjoyable Saturday afternoon with several artists and many friends, the gallery is now officially open for the season.
The space has been changed around a little since last year and the innovations have added an extra dimension to the gallery. Together with some exceptional new work, there is much to be enjoyed. Come and see for yourself!

Thank You

A very big Thank You to everyone who came to the gallery in 2013. We are closed now until 2014 with an opening date as yet undecided but probably in May. This first year has been great fun and we’ve enjoyed welcoming visitors from all parts of Canada, the USA and Europe. Thank you also to the local community who have offered us whole-hearted support and encouragement from the start, that has meant a lot.