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TurtleBags4gPurrs  provides the beautiful and individual purses and wallets available in the gallery, along with the unique full size flags.

No two purses are the same and each is sewn with care using the iconic turtle design. The result is a distinctive item.

Equally attractive and quite unique are gPurrs’ snake wallets. As with the purses, no two wallets are the same and each is sewn with a distinctive snake design wrapping itself round the wallet. The linings are carefully chosen to complement the outer ‘snakeskin’ colours.RedSnakeWallet

The flags, pennants and burgees (you’d be amazed at the number of terms used to describe flags of different shapes and sizes) may all seem slightly familiar, but in fact each one is unique.

gPurrs FlagsThey are made to be flown, when they may be seen at their best, but can also be used as highly original wall hangings, or – as displayed in the gallery – as points of interest to softly divide a living space.

Watermelon5gPurrs also makes delightful children’s backpacks, great for the beach or any outing and just as handy for adults to carry a towel, purse and sunglasses. The backpacks are brightly coloured and feature a variety of designs on the pocket, from rainbows and ice-creams to cloud castles and unicorns.

More recently gPurrs has added an adorable soft toy to the list of hand sewn items available. Since June 2014 these charming rabbits have been delighting children TwoRabbits(and their parents and grandparents!) from far and near. They are available only at White Point Resort or (without the unique White Point embroidery) by direct order.

To enquire about any item please use the contact form below. All gPurrs sewn items are hand made in very small numbers, so items are rarely held in stock.


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