The Great 8

Look at a map and you might think there was nothing here in the middle of south-west Nova Scotia, but you couldn’t be more wrong.  This place, here at the heart of the 8, is alive with interest and offers wonderful experiences for visitors of every persuasion.
YKedge Beach Dawn (K003)ou’ll want to stay somewhere if you travel far, and where better than The Whitman Inn or The Mersey River Chalets, both just a few kilometres from the gallery. Visit their websites or see the reviews on the InkOnDemand blog.
You can’t think of the 8 without thinking of Keji National Park, one of Nova Scotia’s most beautiful places. In the park itself visit Whynot Adventure to get a taste of the endless possibilities for exploring the area.
Between Caledonia and the gallery you’ll find the MTRI (Mersey Tobiatic Research Institute) where the staff and volunteers are always happy to receive visitors. It is often possible to join a local survey trip and during the summer months there are a range of events including regular summer seminars on a wide range of topics.

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