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The labours of winter

Yellow Moon On The Rise - Tammy Lewis
Yellow Moon On The Rise – Tammy Lewis

We’re delighted to say that Cheryl Stone, Fran Whitelaw, Jaime Dexter, Rebekah Wetmore and Tammy Lewis are now confirmed for the gallery in 2016.

They’ve all been working hard through the winter and spring and we’re looking forward to sharing some of the fruits of their creative labours through the summer.

Opening day is still scheduled for around the 7th or 8th of July. The fun is just beginning! First there’s the annual freshening-up of the gallery, before the art starts to arrive. Then we’ll hang it all. Remember last year? Here’s a reminder.


Opening in July


Main Street Kempt
Main Street, Kempt

We’re so pleased to say our lovely gallery will open again in early July, probably around the 7th or 8th. We’re looking forward to the challenge of another season and welcoming our artists and friends to this special space in Kempt.

We’ll have work from some familiar names and with a little luck from some new faces too. Keep in touch as the plans take shape, here and on our Facebook page.

Plans for 2016

Kempt Lake Gallery in winter dress
Kempt Lake Gallery in winter dress

We know you’ve been waiting to hear what’s happening with the gallery this year. Watch this space in the next few days, we hope to have an announcement ready soon.
To all our artists, friends and well-wishers: thank you for your patience.

A great way to close

The Bear Friend Rebekah Wetmore
The Bear Friend – Rebekah Wetmore

Thank you everybody who helped celebrate the 2015 season last week, it was a great way to sign off with all the friends, supporters and artists who dropped in (and those that stayed a lot longer too!) We’ve had a wonderful year and hundreds of visitors have enjoyed the work on display. More than thirty pieces of art have found their way to new homes since we opened in July, and we’ve welcomed guests from Nunavut to Panama and Germany to the Yukon. Let’s see if we can do it all again in 2016!

To close the season a photo of another painting by Rebekah Wetmore, something to carry the imagination through the winter.