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A great way to close

The Bear Friend Rebekah Wetmore
The Bear Friend – Rebekah Wetmore

Thank you everybody who helped celebrate the 2015 season last week, it was a great way to sign off with all the friends, supporters and artists who dropped in (and those that stayed a lot longer too!) We’ve had a wonderful year and hundreds of visitors have enjoyed the work on display. More than thirty pieces of art have found their way to new homes since we opened in July, and we’ve welcomed guests from Nunavut to Panama and Germany to the Yukon. Let’s see if we can do it all again in 2016!

To close the season a photo of another painting by Rebekah Wetmore, something to carry the imagination through the winter.


Last Seen in Kempt . . .

The end of another great season is fast approaching, but there’s still time to drop in and enjoy some beautiful creations. Did you know we have some amazing work from Cheryl Stone in the form of her Pulp Humour series of papier mache? Or original paintings from Megan Gallant? Tom Leger’s beautiful lamps feel like part of the lighting but they’re works of art on their own. There’s still plenty to choose from, not least exquisite pencil drawings from Kelli Janson.

St Mary's Bay by Kelli Janson
St Mary’s Bay by Kelli Janson

If you can’t make it to the gallery before, then please come and join us on Tuesday 13th October from 4.30 until around 7 when we’ll end the season with a few bubbles, an opportunity to meet one or two artists, and a last chance to enjoy some of their wonderful creativity .

A Day in 3 Minutes

New work from Fran Whitelaw
A taste of new work from Fran Whitelaw

Setting up the gallery to start the season is a longer job that you might think, but it is also great fun. With the help of Katy Hopkins of The Picture House and Tammy Lewis (artist in residence until 10th August!), the day of the final set-up was recorded for all to share. You can view it here and catch a glimpse of some of the wonderful and varied art on show.
Opening hours are a little more variable while Tammy is in charge and she juggles family commitments and work, so please check the times here or on Facebook.

Artists confirmed, gallery ready

Opening Show at Kempt Lake Gallery
Opening Show at Kempt Lake Gallery

A week until the opening show and our artists are confirmed. Collecting their work has started and will be complete by July 1st, when the joyful task of arranging and hanging will commence. With a big show to start the season, this will be a little more difficult than usual, but a still a great pleasure.
Tammy Lewis and her glass art is the Light Imagined feature on opening day, but there’s also exciting new work from Fran Whitelaw, Rebekah Wetmore, Jaime Dexter, James Woolison, Kas Stone and Becky Jo Gartner.

Come and take a look.

A Final Delightful Surprise

The last day of the season was slowly winding down to closing time, the gallery was empty and the rain showed no sign of letting up. It looked like the season would end with a whimper.

Then friends and neighbours (great supporters of the gallery) arrived, armed with bubbles and delightful canapés. A party followed. Bubbles followed bubbles and Scotch followed Irish.

Too Many Lates makes a final contribution

Even Too Many Lates seems to have caught the mood. What he meant to say was ‘THANK YOU’

Closing date

Over Her Shoulder
Over Her Shoulder – detail from Journey by Phyllis Woods

The gallery will close its door for the last time in 2014 at 6pm on Saturday 25th October. We’ll be open a little earlier than usual and close a little later as it’s the final day of our season. We still have some of the extraordinary art we’ve been lucky enough to have on show this year, including the remarkable Journey by Phyllis Woods, plus those late arrivals from Melissa Sue Labrador and Tammy Lewis.

Please note the opening (and closing) times in the coming week. We look forward to seeing old friends and new in these last few days.

and finally . . .

Original new work from Becky Jo Gartner
Original new work from Becky Jo Gartner
Very much in Melissa Sue Labrador’s style – vibrant and rooted in tradition.

The end of the season is looming, and this year the gallery will be closing before the end of October. But we have one more show to share! And, in the usual way, we’ll do this with a few bubbles and a snack or two – on the 8th October from 5 to 7.30pm.

We’re very pleased to have Melissa Sue Labrador’s work on display – her well-known mix of vibrant colour and the deeply spiritual, together with her own signature style.

And as a new departure for the gallery we have work from  Becky Jo Gartner, currently a student at NSCAD. Her unique mix of fabric and photography – literally woven together – is worth a visit to the gallery on its own.

All friends, neighbours, followers – and of course our artists – are welcome to join us.